Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year to all residents of Luzerne County!

I'm optimistic that the new members of council will help seek out more long-term savings

solutions rather than spending money on less important priorities.  Stay tuned, and check

back here for periodic updates.                  Sincerely,  Harry 

Councilman Harry Haas

The east entrance of the Courthouse grounds were beautifully decorated this season. 

Luzerne County councilman


Priorities for 2020

January Council Meetings: 7, 21 @ 6pm

Here are my priorities and action steps for this year:

1) Cut wasteful spending and continue to look for streams of revenue apart from property taxation.  84% of county revenues come from property tax, which is inherently unfair. 


2) Roll back some council decisions of the past two years that either placed more hardship on the taxpayers or failed to produce long-term savings such as eliminating:

 -the $5 car registration fee

 -outside contracts 

 -KOZ tax abatement programs

3) Equip the Blighted Property Review Committee to assist municipalities in fighting blight.

4) Collaborate with other counties and provide leadership to fight the opioid crisis.

5) Re-evaluate how council can optimally perform its main duty to provide both financial and legislative oversight of all county functions.